Management Team

Mark Levin

Founder, CEO

Mark has 15 years experience as a serial entrepreneur and has consulted on over $500 million in transactions, focused on specialty services, products, and new technologies. At AllStar Deals, Mark manages the company’s strategy, business relationships, and finances. AllStar Deals is the 5th company that Mark has founded. Mark received his M.B.A. from Hofstra University in 1997. 

Matthew Lerner

Co-Founder, CMO

Matthew's prior business experience focused on marketing, social media strategy, and mobile technologies for Fortune 500 brands. At AllStar Deals, his role concentrates on product development, marketing, and vendor relationships. This is Matt's second start up, after successfully selling his first business (an advertising service for restaurants) in 2009. 

Gordan Topalovic

Chief Technology Officer

Gordan successfully set up his first OS at the age of 14, wrote his first paper on Expert Systems at 16, and founded his first development company at the age of 24.  Since 2006, Gordan has worked with many startups to conceptualize innovation, define strategy, and explore new frontiers by way of development.

Ian Brewer

Creative Director

Ian leads the creative team in planning, designing and developing tailored client experiences in a variety of media. His creative vision drives the company’s direction across multiple channels including website, mobile app, presentations, API layout and overall UX.

Milos Perovic

Technical Ops Manager

Milos manages the logistics, quality, and technology development functions of the company products. His management skills in human resources, information technology, and digital services allows AllStar Deals to effectively develop its vision, strategy, and execute its innovations.

Cara Hessels

Director of Marketing

Cara comes to AllStar Deals with several years of agency experience specializing in social media strategy and public relations. After working for large consumer brands across multiple digital agencies, Cara brings her knowledge to AllStar Deals by being the point person on client accounts.

Bane Lovrenski

UX/UI Specialist

Bane possesses extensive experience and knowledge about trends and user behaviors which he uses to create an optimal user experience for company products. Bane works closely with consumers, exploring their habits, and translating them into products and layouts that increase the overall UX/UI of our websites, apps, and tools.

Advisory Board

Ryan Schinman

Brands & Talent

Ryan is the CEO of Platinum Rye Entertainment, the world's largest booker of celebrity talent, models, recording artists, sports figures and other celebrities for ad campaigns and PR events. Ryan has negotiated over one billion dollars in deals for more than 100 companies and his agency's US operation was bought by Omnicom in 2004. Ryan is also a founding partner of NOISE - an online marketing agency focused on engaging young adults as well as MMG - a marketing company specializing in nightlife and event production.

David Falk

Brands & Talent

The current CEO and founder of the sports agency, FAME, David Falk is perhaps best known for representing sports icon Michael Jordan along with more than 100 other NBA players. The Sporting News listed David as one of the “100 Most Powerful People in Sports” for 12 years straight and Advertising Age listed him one of the “Top 50 Marketers”. David is a brand guru who has successfully negotiated sponsorship deals with Coca-Cola, Gatorade, McDonald’s, Wheaties, and Hanes among many others. In 2008, he established the David B. Falk Center for Sport Management at Syracuse University.

Matthew Goldman


After graduating from MIT, Matthew began his career as a financial professional working at BlackRock and Salomon Brothers (now Citigroup). Gaining experience in portfolio management, Matthew went on to co-found Element Capital Fund, a fixed income hedge fund. After 3 years, Matthew grew the fund to more than $1.5B in assets. He currently runs Polaris Capital, LLC and serves on the advisory board for several Polaris clients.

Henry Feintuch

Public Relations

Prior to founding Feintuch Communications in 2009 and serving as its current President, Henry was a managing partner at KCSA Strategic Communications. Henry is an active member of the Public Relations Society of America, the former chair of its technology section, and past co-chair of its T3 technology conference.