Our vision is to redefine and to lead the way that brands reach their desired consumers through social media and other digital channels.

We believe that brands can make richer connections to consumers by leveraging social commerce.

To accomplish this, we have developed a 3-pronged technology suite:

1: Deep consumer data analytics for targeting [statistically driven models based on data from social media and digital news sources, to identify the best opportunities]

2: Integrated multi-channel campaign management for distribution [suite of e-commerce tools and apps, enhanced by data leveraging]

3: Real time reporting [instant response on success rate of any given promotion, media value achieved, ROI generated and customer sentiment by segment and audience]


Product Suite Features & Capabilities

- Digital Gifts: social media distributed gift codes
- #hashtags: Tweet to receive product or make purchase
- Banner Ads: single click to purchase credit card forms
- “Follow” Gifts: automated after social media follow
- Custom API: access to our entire Gift Connect inventory of over 50MM branded gifts

Reporting & Backend

Campaign reporting is conducted in real time, keeps track of redemption rates, user emails, email open rates, and traffic driven to partner sites.

Our turnkey solution allows brand managers to choose campaign type, upload all creative assets, launch their campaign and track results with real time reporting, all from a personalized and password protected dashboard.